Claude Tech is a technology driven company and its main axises are web service creation and planning mixed with data mining and analysis. Our current main businesses are consulting and web development.

We also develop products we really want, may they be or not linked directly to our business. We are also contributing as much as possible to the opensource community, and which to contribute further as we grow.

Web service development

We are using our development skills to innovate and create new products and services.


We help our customers to realize their ideas and plans, by planning and developping their products, as well as analyizing their results. Please contact us for more information.

Web service planning and development
We try to have the best possible understanding of our client to be able to help them all the way from thinking their service to making it to reality.
Data science consulting
We help our clients taking best profits of their data using our data analysis technologies, including machine learning and text mining. We also build recommendation engines or business intelligence tools.


We want to contribute as much as possible to the opensource community. Check out our Github to see what we are up to.

Leaves is a productivity tool for frontend engineers and designers built on NodeJS.
It has everything you need to create a static website or a single page application in a flash.